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  • A sign on a drinks case door that reads "We accept SNAP/EBT."
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    Catherine Douglas Moran/Grocery Dive

    Charting SNAP’s digital growth

    The number of households that used SNAP benefits to make at least one online order has doubled since the start of 2021. 

    By Oct. 24, 2022
  • Sam's Club
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    Courtesy of Sam's Club

    Sam’s Club finishes chainwide deployment of inventory-scanning robots

    The wholesaler has added the Inventory Scan tower atop automated floor scrubbing robots to report data like pricing and product availability back to club managers. 

    By Oct. 24, 2022
  • Trendline


    Automation holds a lot of promise for grocers, but picking where to invest and being able to effectively evaluate performance remains challenging for companies. 

    By Grocery Dive staff
  • A silver sign on a brick wall identifies the Kroger Co. corporate headquarters.
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    Scott Olson via Getty Images

    Kroger’s retail media guru on CTV ambitions and vanity metrics

    Cara Pratt sat down at Advertising Week to discuss evolving CTV measurement and why it could be a new battleground for mature players.

    Oct. 21, 2022
  • A person smiles at smart phone being held up on a tripod.
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    Courtesy of Walmart

    Walmart launches beta version of content creator platform

    The retailer is strengthening its reach into social commerce by allowing creators to set up affiliate links and access performance data.

    By Dani James , Oct. 18, 2022
  • Image of three app screens side-by-side showing tools for workers.
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    Courtesy of Instacart

    Instacart sharing when and where its workers can find peak earning opportunities

    The new feature, which helps gig shoppers determine the best days to shop in specific areas, is the latest in a slew of recently added tools for the company’s workforce. 

    By Oct. 13, 2022
  • A photo illustration of lasagna and ingredients overlaid with a web browser.
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    Photo Illustration: Shaun Lucas/Industry Dive; Getty Images

    How Walmart is experimenting with shoppable content

    From recipe site integrations to interactive videos, the retailer has embraced partnerships that aim to boost inspiration and ease for at-home cooking. 

    By , , Oct. 12, 2022
  • A picture of a white delivery robot with an orange Grubhub logo on the side
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    Courtesy of Gruhbub/PRNewswire

    Grubhub, Starship deploy delivery bots across 5 college campuses

    Over 170,000 students have access to food delivery through this integration, and more colleges are expected to launch the service later this year.

    By Julie Littman • Oct. 12, 2022
  • Screenshot of Walmart's Store Assist app in the Google Play store
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    Retrieved from Google Play on October 10, 2022

    Walmart’s fulfillment tech expands to Asda stores

    The rollout of the Store Assist app to more than 330 of the U.K. grocery company’s stores follows Walmart’s push into offering services and solutions to other retailers. 

    By Oct. 11, 2022
  • Alert Innovation Alphabot robot
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    Courtesy of Alert Innovation

    Walmart to buy Alert Innovation

    The retailer is acquiring the Massachusetts-based automated fulfillment company as it continues to level up its order-routing capabilities.

    By , Oct. 6, 2022
  • A fleet of Starship delivery robots.
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    Courtesy of Starship

    Food delivery robots to roam Chicago in pilot program

    Operators will partner with restaurants and grocery stores to test the app-based robot deliveries. City leaders will look at device boundaries, vandalism and other potential issues.

    By Katie Pyzyk • Oct. 6, 2022
  • Image of Giant Food app showing loyalty program information
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    Courtesy of Giant Food

    Giant Food makes private brands star of rewards program promotion

    Until Dec. 31, the grocer is making items like bread, milk, bacon and frozen vegetables available to Flexible Rewards members for fewer points than it typically requires.

    By Oct. 4, 2022
  • Kroger OptUp
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    Courtesy of Kroger
    Deep Dive

    Inside Kroger Health’s food-as-medicine playbook

    As it expands its nutrition scoring, food prescriptions and dietitian-focused approach, the health solutions arm of the grocery company aims to tie healthy eating to disease prevention. 

    By Oct. 3, 2022
  • Equation written in a line
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    William Brown, relevanC

    Sponsored by relevanC

    How data science is powering the new wave of Retail Media platforms

    Retail Media ad revenue isn’t just defined by the budget available from your advertisers. It’s also the rate at which it can be spent. That’s where Machine Learning can help.

    By Olivia Mark, Managing Director, SaaS, relevanC and Grégoire Flatin, Head Retail Media Solutions relevanC • Oct. 3, 2022
  • A hand holding a phone that says Instacart Health on the screen.
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    Courtesy of Instacart

    Instacart unveils sweeping health-focused initiative

    The announcement of new tools, such as caregiver-built carts and shoppable dietitian lists, coincides with the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health.

    By Sept. 28, 2022
  • UNFI
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    Courtesy of United Natural Foods, Inc.

    UNFI records quarterly results as it steps up investments in automation

    The grocery wholesaler plans to install robotic equipment from Symbotic in four distribution centers and has recently made progress filling open jobs in its facilities, the company said this week.

    By Sept. 28, 2022
  • A sign hangs outside a Sam's Club store.
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    Scott Olson via Getty Images

    Where artificial intelligence fits in the Sam’s Club tech portfolio

    AI helps drive purchases and improve the shopping experience. The bottom line is member retention, said Chief Technology Officer Vinod Bidarkoppa.

    By Roberto Torres • Sept. 26, 2022
  • Trade show sign
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    Sam Silverstein/Grocery Dive

    The Friday Checkout: 6 takeaways from Groceryshop

    Technology priorities like dealing with data and developing omnichannel shopping options topped the agenda at the annual grocery industry gathering in Las Vegas last week.

    By Grocery Dive Staff • Sept. 23, 2022
  • Exterior of a Raley's O-N-E Market store.
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    Retrieved from Raley's on September 21, 2022

    How Raley’s is trying to make e-commerce profitable

    The California-based grocer is focused on a “flywheel” that incorporates different fulfillment models, Zachary Wilson, its head of e-commerce, said at a Wednesday Groceryshop session.

    By Sept. 22, 2022
  • Groceryshop 2022 exhibition hall
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    Catherine Douglas Moran/Grocery Dive

    5 notable tech companies from Groceryshop

    The trade show’s exhibit hall included a wide range of vendors touting everything from automated hardware solutions to reusable bag systems. Here are a few that stood out.

    By , Sept. 22, 2022
  • Teenage students talking at school
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    FG Trade via Getty Images

    Gen Z’s demands and values are redefining grocers’ online presence

    This younger generation, regarded for their activism, holds companies accountable for their ethical standards, panelists said during a Groceryshop session Tuesday. 

    By Sept. 21, 2022
  • Screenshot of Jow's website showing recipe suggestions for meals.
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    Retrieved from Jow on September 21, 2022

    Kroger links with French meal planning service

    The grocery chain has a new partnership with Jow, a startup that recommends recipes and ingredient products to customers based on their dietary and lifestyle preferences.

    By Sept. 21, 2022
  • A group of four young people gather around in a semi-circle to look at what's on one of their phones.
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    LeoPatrizi via Getty Images

    Walmart weds data to popular apps like TikTok in latest ad play

    A new Innovation Partners program that also features Snapchat and Roku seeks to help brands better understand what engages Gen Z.

    By Peter Adams • Sept. 20, 2022
  • Exterior of the Whole Foods Market in the Glover Park neighborhood of Washington, D.C.
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    Courtesy of Whole Foods Market

    Whole Foods CEO wants to bring back ‘the theater of retail’

    During a keynote at the Groceryshop conference, Jason Buechel said the chain wants to continue being an innovator in store experiences while also upholding its specialty roots.

    By Sept. 20, 2022
  • Two people sitting in chairs talking during a conference session.
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    Peyton Bigora/Grocery Dive

    Albertsons details how it’s connecting online and offline shopping

    A weekly budget helper, recipe suggestions and a guided in-store map are some of the tools the company is using, Chief Merchandising Officer Jennifer Saenz said during a Monday Groceryshop session.

    By Sept. 20, 2022
  • A phone with a shoppable recipe app against a white background.
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    Retrieved from Jupiter on September 18, 2022

    New shoppable recipe website Jupiter taps into chef content creators’ online fans

    The startup has created a platform where customers can instantly fill their virtual shopping carts with the ingredients needed to create their favorite chef influencers’ recipes.

    By Sept. 19, 2022