Wyld CBD Selects Vori as Digital Ordering Platform for Direct Wholesale Business in California

December 14, 2021
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Simone Hadley Wilson

Vori, the digital B2B ordering platform optimizing the grocery supply chain, today announced its addition of Wyld CBD, a manufacturer and distributor of CBD infused gummies and sparkling water, to their grocery supplier network. Wyld CBD's inclusion will provide retailers, across California, with the ability to place direct wholesale orders for Wyld CBD products digitally through Vori's platform. Wyld CBD is the first CBD consumables brand to be added to Vori's Certified Supplier network. 

Through digitizing Wyld CBD's catalogs and ordering methods, the partnership will streamline Wyld CBD's retailer customer's supply chain management and ordering processes, minimize out of stocks, support discovery of new and featured products within Wyld CBD's inventory, and improve CBD product fill rates because of Vori's item replacement features. 

"As a pioneer of CBD products for everyday consumers, we're excited to add Wyld CBD into the Vori ecosystem," says Brandon Hill, co-founder and CEO of Vori. "The grocery industry is at a unique point in history due to supply chain gaps, and CBD vendors have an additional set of challenges. We must take action now to unite the food supply chain, with technology, so that it's radically simple to navigate and grow with for both new and established players."

In October 2021, California Governor Gavin Newson signed the AB 45 bill into law, legalizing the sale of foods, beverages, and supplements containing hemp-derived CBD. In addition to the benefits Wyld CBD retailer customers will now receive, Vori's modern ordering technology will transform Wyld CBD's internal business processes and customer service experience. 

"Before Vori, the sales and order fulfillment process was completely manual. With a lean team and as we expand geographically and into new stores within existing regions, we needed to find a more sustainable way to keep up with retailer demand," says Chris Trenholme, Director of Sales at Wyld CBD. "We're excited to step into the 21st century and bring our wholesale B2B customers with us. Access to CBD is important for many people. However, the distribution side is still disjointed. I'm thankful that well-connected tech companies like Vori are ensuring retailer access to this inventory." 

Starting with grocery retailers in California, Vori's simple mobile and online ordering technology will allow Wyld CBD wholesale customers to replenish inventory by having a store buyer walk their aisles once and scan shelf-tags to reorder from Wyld CBD; along with other DSD, local, regional, and mainline suppliers. As a result, for retailers using Vori, the time it takes to replenish inventory is reduced by up to 80%. 

Start ordering wholesale from Wyld CBD in two minutes or less. Learn more or request access today.


Vori is the only modern operating system for the grocery industry. Our technology democratizes access to the local, national, and global food supply, empowering retailers to provide their shoppers with flavors and products from an in-depth marketplace of high-quality suppliers. Vori allows store buyers to streamline their operations with wall-to-wall ordering and multi-vendor product discovery, right at their fingertips. Founded in 2019, Vori is backed by investors who share our vision of a future where food moves freely. Our investors include Greylock, Y Combinator, Village Global, South Park Commons, grocery industry experts from Safeway/Albertsons, and co-founders of Instacart, DoorDash, and Twitch. Learn more at vori.com.

About Wyld CBD
The sister company of Wyld, Wyld CBD makes a Hemp CBD line of gummies and real fruit-infused sparkling waters which lead the nation in natural grocery sales. Wyld CBD products contain 20 to 25 mg of broad-spectrum hemp-derived CBD extract. Ideal for taking on life's adventures, Wyld CBD offers a full line of outstanding options for consumers wanting to experience CBD. We manufacture all of our products in Oregon, where we are proud to be building on the reputation of America's most popular cannabis edible by making high-quality hemp-derived products which reflect the natural bounty of our surroundings and provide excellent value and efficacy to our customers.