New In-Store Retail Media Changes the Front End

December 14, 2021
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Duane Nizinski
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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Mol Belting System introduces a revolutionary new marketing program for the most frequently visited section of the store. It’s patent pending MolChem® QR Code checkstand belt and MessengerMat™ is now available to U.S. and Canadian retailers. Mol Belting currently manufactures and supplies approximately 90% of all checkstand belts to U.S. supermarkets. This innovation allows retailers to customize their checkstands with high quality graphics that aligns the frontend with the store’s overall image and design. The belt material is also available in an array of colors. MolChem® QR Code Checkstand Belts and MessengerMat™ help retailers promote their stores and services, satisfy consumers’ demands and instantly connect with their shoppers. The MolChem® QR Code belt and MessengerMat™ allows retailers to print their QR codes directly on the belt material along with full color graphics to make the checkstand experience more pleasurable to the shopper and offers the retailer a new media where they can customize messaging weekly, daily or even hourly. QR code technology allows the retailer to link to special offers, new product listings and giveaways, promote culinary and health classes and even a quick way for shoppers to sign up for loyalty programs. Best of all it offers the retailer real-time metrics and a NEW revenue source by promoting CPG brands. According to a Inmar Intel survey in August 2021, 96% of shoppers say they can be influenced if they are aware of discounts, points or other items of credit through a store loyalty program after purchase. Mol Belting developed the MessengerMat™ to meet the demand from retailers; According to RBR, the London based strategic consulting firm, by 2026 there will be 1.5 million self-checkouts installed globally. The MolChem® QR Code checkstand belt and MessengerMat™ is embedded with a new antimicrobial technology that allows for a more efficient cleaning process with an easy to clean hardened surface. An FMI Survey published in August 2021 found that 45% of shoppers say retailers must provide extra sanitation efforts at the checkout. For more information contact Duane Nizinski, Director of Strategic Marketing Initiatives at [email protected] or at 616.453.2484 extension 2126.

Mol Belting Systems, Inc. is the nation's leading fabricator of check stand belts for both new and replacement belts with over 95% market share. Mol Belting Systems is a major presence in the North American conveyance industry for decades providing conveyor belting and power transmission products for the food processing, logistics, treadmill, and retail store sectors. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Mol Belting introduced in 2021 a new line of products that is revolutionizing the front-end of supermarkets and other retailers with it's MolChem® line of cleaners, hand purifiers, MessengerMatTM and full-color retailer customized printed checkstand belts that are treated with an EPA registered antimicrobial agent.