Introducing PKLfreeze™ Pickle Pop

April 01, 2021

MUSCATINE, Iowa (April 1, 2021) — Kent Precision Foods Group (KPFG) announces its latest creation and new brand – PKLfreeze™ dill pickle flavor freeze pop enhanced with electrolytes. This new brand will be available April 1, 2021 on Amazon and will follow in other Kent Precision Foods Group segments.

“This is the tasty alternative to sweet hydration solutions,” said Mike Eversmeyer, KPFG President. “It puts the pickle jar back in the fridge and offers families, athletes and hard working men and women a convenient format for a treat or a recovery agent.”

“It's exciting to expand our product lines but even more exciting when you get the opportunity to add a new brand,” said Bryan Elmore, KPFG Brand Manager. “The innovation of PKLfreeze™ combines our expertise in hydration and freeze pops, along with our existing technologies in making and preserving pickles.”

KPFG combined the technology from its widely-respected electrolyte brand, Sqwincher® with its pickle knowledge from the Mrs. Wages® 1 Step Pickle® line to craft this tasty dill pickle flavor freeze pop with added electrolyte benefits.

Athletes are often found consuming pickle juice for its hydration benefits and some claim it aids in muscle cramp relief. “The enhancement of electrolytes was very important so that PKLfreeze™ delivers that replenishment and hydration consumers are expecting that’s often associated with pickle juice. Going beyond a frozen treat with this unique flavor was always the goal for this product,” said Elmore.

To inquire into purchasing this product visit or call KPFG at (800) 442-5242.

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