Gawronski Media Offering Instacart Advertising Services

Posted Oct 27, 2020

In May of 2020 Instacart officially announced its self-serve advertising platform, giving emerging Food & Beverage brands an opportunity to get their product placed in front of relevant consumers while online grocery shopping.

The announcement played perfectly into the online grocery boom. Months after the start of the nationwide lockdowns, consumers are now routinely ordering their groceries online, and even at this point, have their own choice of preference.

With colder weather already here, and data leaning towards a possible "second wave", it is crucial F&B brands have their base setup on Instacart, both their listings and the advertising campaigns. This winter is expected to surpass the online order sales, that we experienced during the prime of the lockdown.

Although advertising on the platform for several months, Gawronski Media is announcing they are officially offering paid advertising services to any interested F&B brands.

Gawronski Media sees this as an amazing opportunity, to drive trackable, scalable ads at retail, while also introducing new, but relevant untapped audiences to your brand.

If you are interested, reach out to [email protected], or click here.