AdAdapted Announces Partnerships with Cooklist and Shopping List - Simple & Easy

October 07, 2020
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ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN: AdAdapted, a mobile advertising platform that specializes in add-to-list media for CPG, announced partnerships with Cooklist and Shopping List - Simple & Easy. Cooklist is available on both Android and iOS, while Shopping List - Simple & Easy is exclusively available on Android devices.

With the partnerships, AdAdapted continues to expand its network of top grocery list apps, which includes six of the top 10 highest rated list apps in the United States. Other partners include Out of Milk, Our Groceries, Buy Me A Pie!, and BigOven.

“We look forward to expanding upon our recent success with Cooklist and Shopping List - Simple & Easy,” said AdAdapted’s CRO and co-founder Molly McFarland. “Our integrations into each app will allow our clients to drive intent with a broader audience and engage relevant consumers with their products. Grocery list builders appreciate a variety of options, and each of these apps provides a unique experience. We’re excited to bring these two fantastic apps into our network.”

AdAdapted’s exclusive network of apps and proprietary technology provides CPG brands a venue in which they can engage a mobile audience as they make shopping decisions. With unique, native ads, app users experience a non-disruptive, targeted ad experience. AdAdapted’s technology targets consumers based on things like category engagement and past shopping behavior, and allows consumers to add promoted products to their favorite list from an ad unit. 

Shopping List - Simple & Easy provides users with a simple grocery list app experience and makes it easy to create multiple lists. Users create a list, enter items, cross them off as they go, and have the ability to clear lists of crossed-off items. One recent reviewer wrote,“Super convenient because it allows you to remake lists easily rather than have to start from scratch each time. Since one tends to buy similar things, it's effortless to rebuild on a previous list. Love it!”

Cooklist introduces an entirely new way for shoppers to think about their relationship with cooking and grocery shopping. It connects users to grocery store loyalty cards and automatically downloads all of purchases into a digital pantry. Over 1 million recipes are then matched to the groceries users have and filtered to show them a feed of recipes they can cook with the groceries they already have.

For further information on the integrations, email [email protected] or visit the company’s website.

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