Woolite, The Most Trusted Name In Fine Laundry Care, Launches Rebrand Of Its Dry-Cleaning And Hand-Washing Alternative: Woolite 20 Minute Dry Care Cleaner

Posted Sep 23, 2020

Fort Wayne, IN — In a time when ease, speed and safety are of the essence, Summit Brands unveils a rebrand of its popular laundry product that guarantees all three: Woolite 20 Minute Dry Care Cleaner.

The new name and redesigned packaging (available late September/early October at Walmart, Amazon, and other national retailers for $8.99) emphasize the versatility of a product that can clean a wide variety of specialty items that would otherwise require dry cleaning or hand-washing, rinsing, and laying flat to dry for days on end.

Whether it’s last year’s T-Rex Halloween costume needing a refresh, a cashmere sweater that met with an unfortunate coffee mishap, or lacy lingerie that’s too delicate for the washing machine, one Woolite Dry Care sheet and a 20-minute tumble in the dryer is all it takes to gently clean, deodorize, and de-wrinkle.

Woolite Dry Care features patented Dry Lift Technology that works with the heat of the dryer to create a non-toxic cleaning mist that penetrates clothing fibers, releasing odors, body soils, and wrinkles without harsh chemicals. No bag is required, allowing clothes to tumble free and ease out wrinkles; and dirt and lint safely collect in the lint filter, not on the clothes.

Each box of Woolite  Dry Care comes with a supply of OUT Instant Stain Remover Wipes, which are especially effective on oil, makeup, chocolate, ink, juice, and iodine. Fabrics come out clean, smelling fresh, and ready to wear. Best of all, every component is nontoxic and environmentally friendly.

“This product is more vital than ever right now, and our new packaging emphasizes the speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness that appeal to consumers across the board,” says Tony Cronk, President of Summit Brands, the parent company of Woolite Dry Care. “In addition to eliminating the expense of dry cleaning and the labor of hand-washing, Woolite Dry Care Cleaner provides consumers with professional-quality results without having to leave their homes. And that’s a major attraction these days!”


About Summit Brands, parent company of Woolite Dry Care

Headquartered in Fort Wayne, IN, Summit Brands has been creating highly effective, sustainable, and innovative household cleaning products for over 60 years. A family-owned business since 1958, it began with a multi-purpose rust stain remover, Iron Out®, and has since branched out with a broader line of specialty cleaning products under the OUT®, Glisten®, Woolite® and Plink® brands. For more information, visit, Facebook, and Instagram.


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