The American Brand That Inspired Consumers To "Plink Your Sink" Launches Two New Products Nationwide

Posted Jul 01, 2020


Plink Dishwasher Freshener & Rinse Aid and Plink Drinkware Descaler & Cleaner Join the Brand’s #1 Garbage Disposal Freshener and Fastest-Growing Drain Freshener

Five years after its launch by Summit Brands as a clip-strip impulse buy at retailers nationwide, the Plink brand—which already boasts the #1 garbage disposal freshener and fastest-growing drain freshener1 on the market—introduces the new Plink Dishwasher Freshener & Rinse Aid and Plink Drinkware Descaler & Cleaner.

“Our Plink products have dominated the off-shelf space for several reasons: They are easy and fun to use, they’re a tremendous value, and most importantly, the results are real,” said Tony Cronk, president of Summit Brands, the parent company of Plink. “Our sales numbers tell the story: up four times in just the last few years, capturing new loyal buyers and driving basket growth nationwide. And we know that buyers who have come back to Plink, again and again, will be excited to find the product line expanded to include dishwashers and drinkware.”

Plink is known for its easy to use, colorful, and highly effective cleaners and fresheners.

The new Dishwasher Freshener & Rinse Aid is a unique multi-action agent that combines freshening with spot prevention. The fragrance-infused hanging freshener deodorizes for up to 60 wash cycles and is formulated with surfactants to help dishes and glassware come out dry and spotlessly clean. The product comes with 2 fresheners for a net weight of .49 ounces and a suggested retail price of $4.99.

Plink Drinkware Descaler and Cleaning Tablets combine heavy-duty cleaning with convenience—no scrubbing involved. They are designed to eliminate odor and dissolve tough, stubborn stains and mineral build-up in your coffee machines, water bottles, and travel mugs. The product comes with 5 tablets for a net weight of .52 ounces and a suggested retail price of $4.99.

Both products feature the unique safety element Bittrex to deter ingestion and keep children safe and are available at Walmart, Menards, Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon, and other national retailers.

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1 Highest $SPPD, 2x–3x higher than other brands; IRI Unify—latest 52 weeks ending 09-09-2019; IRI CSIA latest 52 weeks ending 09-09-2019