UPDATED: January 8, 2020

Tracking micro-fulfillment in the grocery industry

A handful of technology companies have emerged as grocers test out speedy, localized fulfillment for e-commerce.
Yujin Kim/Grocery Dive

E-commerce competition among grocery companies will continue to intensify this year, and micro-fulfillment is becoming the technology du jour to boost grocers’ capabilities. With the potential to fill orders faster than the traditional store-pick model while taking up minimal square footage, micro-fulfillment centers (MFCs) have emerged as a popular solution for retailers looking to hit back against the challenging economics of e-commerce.

From Walmart’s partnership with Alert Innovation to Takeoff Technologies’ multiple retailer tests, Grocery Dive is tracking progress among key players in micro-fulfillment. This tracker will be updated as new companies enter the scene and notable developments take place among existing companies.

Micro-fulfillment company North American retail partners # of U.S. grocery MFCs operating # of weeks to build MFC Min. sq ft required to build MFC

Here is more information about each micro-fulfillment company.