Tracking grocery industry priority for the COVID-19 vaccine

Each state is developing its own vaccine distribution plans. Here's a look at how each one is classifying grocery workers, along with additional information and timelines where available.

Editor's Note: Food Dive tracked eligibility for COVID-19 vaccines from January to early April, after which President Joe Biden announced that all adults can sign up by April 19. This story was last updated April 7. Consider this a snapshot of the vaccine distribution across the country.

Although the CDC has recommended that grocery workers be included in Phase 1b of COVID-19 vaccinations, after healthcare workers and individuals living in nursing homes, it's up to the states to determine exactly when these frontline workers can get inoculated.

This has proven to be a challenge for grocers, particularly those that operate in multiple states, and has been compounded by an initially slow rollout of vaccines. Across the country, food retailers and their workers are closely watching for updates.

Grocery Dive is tracking the status of each state's plan to vaccinate store workers, including in which priority group they may be placed. This tracker will be updated as states make changes to their vaccination schedule or come out with more detailed information. To let us know about new updates, send us an email.