The natural disasters, trade wars and global pandemic of the last several years have caused a perfect storm of upheaval in the supply chain. Three-quarters of US businesses have seen severe supply-side disruption during the pandemic; two-thirds of manufacturers say reshoring operations is likely. 

These events are often unpredictable, but a solid S&OP process supported by automated planning tools can help supply chain leaders see shortfalls and changes in the market ahead of time—and avoid total disruption. In this webinar discussion and Q&A, leading supply chain experts share tips and methods for making supply chain more resilient and agile in 2021, including:

  • Planning for the most likely scenarios, with mile markers along the way, for nimble responses to market conditions
  • Using supply chain planning software to stay flexible amid unexpected demand shifts and supply chain shortfalls
  • Building a formal S&OP process for quick decision-making that has C-suite support