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Online grocery demand reached heights in 2020 that many in the industry didn’t anticipate for years down the road. That’s pushing retailers to quickly improve the economics of e-commerce and also offer a more compelling experience for shoppers.

Kroger exemplifies the multi-front battle that companies are now waging. The nation’s largest grocer is pushing personalized shopping and a digital advertising business, partnering with Google on pickup and rolling out new delivery services. Like a growing number of companies, it now refers frequently to its digital “ecosystem” of interlocking services and operations.

Digital is also increasingly moving into stores, as Hy-Vee’s newest location in Des Moines, Iowa, shows. There, shoppers can scan QR codes to access the company's digital circular, order food from a kiosk and watch promotional videos in aisles.

In this trendline, we take a closer look at how Hy-Vee and Kroger are developing their digital business. We examine emerging services like ultrafast delivery, which is poised to expand across U.S. cities but carries serious questions about its business model. We also spotlight how retailers are making digital accessible for more consumers, including seniors and those with disabilities.

The shift to digital is a difficult one for many grocers, but it also carries exciting new possibilities for them to interact with consumers and differentiate their businesses.

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Digital transformation in the era of e-commerce

Online grocery demand has reached heights in 2020 that many didn't anticipate for years down the road. At the same time, evolving consumer demands and app technology are pushing grocers to rethink in-store merchandising to provide a more personalized experience for shoppers in a cost-efficient manner.

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  • Inside Hy-Vee's 'reimagined' physical-meets-digital store
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