Helados La Neta expands into California with retail partnerships in Vallarta, Northgate, and Cardenas Supermarkets

August 11, 2021
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Karina Martinez
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Atlanta-based, artisanal Mexican dessert brand, Helados La Neta announces its new retail partnerships with Vallarta Supermarket, Northgate Market, and Cardenas Markets. As of this summer, California shoppers can enjoy the vibrant Helados La Neta flavors across dozens of locations spreading from Southern California through the central valley. Previously the brand had been available online and in select retailers nationwide and is excited to make its foray into the Hispanic California market. 

Helados La Neta is a combined effort between culinary professionals and a multicultural team who paired their appreciation of food and their own personal experiences to create this expression of culture. Handcrafted by a team of over 20 nationalities, they work in unison to celebrate the richness of each of their heritages through the brand’s core 7 flavors. A celebration of the dreamers, makers, artisans, and chefs, Helados La Neta is honoring the culinary beauty of the lively Hispanic and Latinx people that is long needed to be shared in the freezer aisle.  

California has one of the largest Mexican-American populations and while other heritage-inspired flavors like Matcha or Thai Tea have made their way to retail shelves much is left to be desired for these consumers. Many search for flavors that remind them of home or connect them to their ancestry through a culinary experience and Helados La Neta is excited at the opportunity to bridge that gap.  At Helados La Neta, they understand the need for authenticity and cultural celebration while also focusing on craveability and indulgence. They aim to bring you back to a moment of nostalgic bliss with every taste.

“We are thrilled for the warm welcome these flavors have received and the partnerships with brand-aligned retailers. Sales have been tremendous! We are grateful and very proud of the opportunity to share our Mexican-inspired ice cream with the California community. We aim to keep celebrating the flavors, the people, and the culture that inspires us.” says Brand Manager Ivonne Neri. 

About Helados La Neta
You can find select Helados La Neta flavors like Horchata, Chocolate con Canela, Fresas con Crema, Crema de coco, Ron con Pasas and Vainilla de Mexico in the freezer aisle at your nearest Vallarta, Northgate Supermarket or Cardenas Market. To learn more visit Heladoslaneta.com.