The Upside of 2020: A Quantum Leap for Digital Innovation

Nov. 10, 2020  • Webinar 2pm ET

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An upside to 2020? Hear us out: Companies of all sizes and in all sectors saw the inevitable—that they would only survive and thrive by tapping into their innate creativity and resourcefulness to forge ahead with digital transformation. In fact, consulting firm McKinsey believes the world bounded five years forward in just two months as the pandemic hit. But will this pace continue, and what does it mean? That’s what we set out to determine in a report uncovering key trends driving digital innovation in 2021 and beyond that we researched in conjunction with Cassarco Strategy & Analytics.

Retail, restaurant and grocery brands won’t want to miss this window into the future and how digital transformation is poised to shake up your industry. Join industry experts to learn how to take advantage of these trends to put your business on a path to success. The webinar will highlight:

  • Significant trends emerging that will have an outsized impact in 2021 and beyond
  • Strategic shifts brands must make now to accelerate growth and ensure viability
  • Thought starters designed to encourage merchants to re-imagine the trajectories of their businesses, based on these trends