​“Omnichannel” has been on the tip of retailers’ tongues for years—and with good reason. It’s essential for retailers to connect with customers, no matter what channel they use. But the omnichannel approach goes beyond online and also impacts the in-store experience.

As customers increasingly return to in-store shopping, retailers with brick-and-mortar locations will shift their focus on re-establishing relationships with consumers who have become accustomed to e-commerce or are hesitant to shop in-store. To create an exceptional experience for shoppers, retailers can extend the omnichannel experience to brick-and-mortar locations and make customers feel safe and welcome once they arrive. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to accomplish this, including:

  • How to ensure online marketing efforts are reflected in the store environment
  • Best practices to reinforce the customer's decision to shop in-store
  • The strategic use of signage and printed materials to drive in-store traffic or to make a more comfortable shopping experience