B2C Marketing Showdown: Restaurant vs Grocery Spending

Nov. 3, 2021  • Webinar 2pm ET

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​With billions of dollars at stake, leading B2C marketers are looking for any edge they can find to grow revenues in a complex and uncertain consumer marketplace. As the fight for their customers’ dollars becomes more heated, marketing budgets are being deployed to grow and defend wallet share from new players like third-party delivery platforms and across categories like grocers and restaurants.

For the first time, Cardlytics is making available a “whole wallet view” of consumer spending to illustrate how grocery shopping and dining behaviors impact spending across these categories. Webinar attendees will learn:

  • How to use purchase intelligence to understand the current state of consumer spending in grocery and dining
  • The biggest opportunities to grow incremental revenues across categories and within in-store, online and omnichannel 
  • How to get a free opportunity assessment that will define the provable topline sales you can drive in a single 45-day campaign