How Amazon Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing Demand Prediction

Sept. 16, 2021  • Webinar 2pm ET

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​More than 40% of the retail industry uses manual demand forecasting methods which are highly inaccurate and lead to lost revenue opportunities due to inventory distortion. This operational inefficiency limits how quickly you can shift in the market and remain competitive. Utilizing the same technology that Amazon does for its business predictions, Amazon Forecast combines machine learning (ML), time series data, and variables specific to your company to help you build better forecasts.

Join AWS Solutions experts Johny Duval, Product Lead for AI/ML and Paul Miller, Solutions Builder, as they explain how Amazon Forecast uses ML to automate and deliver highly accurate forecasts. In this webinar you’ll see how Amazon Forecast:

  • Has zero negative impact on sales and optimizes demand prediction
  • Improves forecast accuracy to increase your competitive strength
  • Helped one retail client decrease inventory spend by 12%